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A Christmas Tale

A Christmas Carol” begins on a bleak Christmas Eve in London. On this evening, we are introduced to a selfish, callous man – the miserly Ebenezer Scrooge.

The tale follows Scrooge’s journey as he is forced to reflect upon his life and deeds by four ghosts who visit him on the night of Christmas Eve. These apparitions are:

“The ghost of Jacob Marley.”
“The ghost of Christmas past.”
“The ghost of Christmas present.”
“The ghost of Christmas yet to come.”

Scrooge sees the way he has acted wrongly in the past, how this has affected the present, and how his selfishness will cause suffering in the future. Scrooge actively chooses to change. He wakes up on Christmas morning seeing the world with fresh eyes. He aims and wishes to be kind, generous, and compassionate from that point onwards.

Scrooge’s redemption helps inspire people to believe it is never too late to show kindness – especially to those in need.

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